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Standard Services of S&S Benefits Consulting

Benefit Plan Audits-a complete evaluation of the funding, contracts and plan design(s). Do contracts contain the proper protections? Are better reimbursement mechanisms for stop loss available (more frequent? better limits?) Can the plan designs be changed to reflect cost drivers in the experience? How are contributions from employees affecting rates and experience?

Benefit Plan Design-identifying innovative benefit plan design solutions to achieve cost effective and equitable results for the corporation and participants. Plan design usually must take into account the pay levels and contributions by the employees as well as the cost drivers. We try to propose only those solutions that will work for your particular employee group.

Network Analysis-We assist in analysis of network cost/benefit ratios and coverage for your employee populations for PPO, POS and HMO. Analysis many times includes an analysis of the utilization patterns of  employee populations and can include an employee survey to identify providers utilized most frequently. Are access fees reasonable considering the discounts received? What is the net savings to the employer after application of the fees and actual paid claims? How is capitation under an HMO contract affecting your rates?

Problem Resolution-We will act on your behalf to resolve concerns and provide solutions to benefit payment issues and other administrative concerns. We have vast experience in dealing with claim departments and resolving not only the problem at hand, but problems which are a result of plan design or administrator interpretation. We look to keep problems from reoccurring.

Placement/Contract Negotiations-Coordination of all carrier/administrator contracts including negotiation of plan provisions and contract analysis. We show you the options and provide advise on what makes sense and is reasonable.

Claim Data Analysis-We develop reports tailored to your company needs to supplement carrier/administrator reports. Included is historical data analysis as well as comparison to normative data. Updates are usually presented quarterly.

Underwriting-We have substantial experience with multiple underwriting techniques to evaluate and analyze current and proposed benefit plan cost implications and carrier/administrator proposals. We underwrite your renewal and compare it to the renewal presented.

Pre-renewal Planning and Strategy Development- Our customized historical database enables us to accomplish budget recommendations and pre-renewal planning prior to receipt of renewal offers.

Renewal Negotiations-We analyze and manage the renewal process, conducting all negotiations and providing cost projections with accruals.

Marketing-Our services include request for proposals, preliminary market interest surveys and proposal analysis/comparisons/ recommendations and negotiation. We target our marketing efforts to a client's particular needs and our specifications include all the necessary information to get the best possible market response. Underwriters respond most favorably to our specifications because we have the experience to know what information they need to provide their best quote. We organize the information to make it easy to work with. Underwriters appreciate that and respond with better quotes.

Form 5500 Assistance, Legal Guidance, Compliance, Tax and Disclosure Issues- We will help any client for whom we are broker/consultant of record on a full time basis with these issues. By law, actual legal advise may need to come from our benefit attorneys and will possibly result in additional charges not included in our fees.

Supplemental Benefits Products- We keep our clients advised of new and special benefits offers which may offer cost savings or solve employee relations needs. Products such as voluntary life insurance with portability, voluntary dental, vision or even cancer policies can add perceived value to your benefit plan for your employees. Limited Health Benefit Plans are available for your part-time employees on a voluntary basis.

We can work for you on a commission basis as a broker or on a fee basis as a consultant. We are available on a project by project basis or on a full services basis. You do not need to wait until renewal to use our services. By engaging our services now you can begin planning for the future. Choosing to use S&S Benefits Consulting will not disrupt current arrangements in place for your employees.